Some items or events of more regional interest and/or targeted more to a German-speaking audience may not be featured on the English language pages. Further, in general the German language pages are updated first. So, maybe, you might want to consult the German language page as well. 





Member / Coworking @ Factory - 


Since the beginning of this month I am member of Factroy - come and visit me!





Science Retrospective:

Save-the-date: 23.6.17 19 h 
@ BARlin science chat, Charité Campus Mitte
Dr. Richard Schubert (left in picture): Numerical solution of the heat equation - presentation and discussion by the author of a work awarded at German youth science competition in 1980 (orig. title "Wärmeleitung durch Festkörper - Iteration mit Kleincomputer", 2. Preis Jugend forscht, Physik, Bayern, - Details and other speakers to be announced soon.





Discussion with managing director of de Gruyter publishing house 


As part of his political background discussions Richard Schubert is currently preparing a meeting with managing director of de Gruyter publishing house, Anke Beck.




Hairdresser & Politics


Member of Berlin City Parliament Björn Eggert, gave an interview for Richard's hairdressers blog., which is now available online:  







Memory Error


Now available online:

The film "Memory Error" is part of the series "The Physicist and Technology" currently under work. It is based on documentary footage from October 2011 which was taken during the putting into operation of a new PC and it shows how a physicist systematically analyses system errors and looks for corresponding solutions. It was a challenge to keep the film authentic and at the same time not to show private material which for data privacy reasons cannot be presented to a bigger audience. The film starts with a "blue screen" and ends with a scene showing a "Corsair" 8GB memory kit, which resolves all remaining problems. In a subplot the physicist has to replace a faulty power cable of an optical drive in order to eliminate recurrent read and write errors. As there does not exist footage showing how this cable was replaced, the viewer can only guess how this additional problem has been solved. An independent challenge for the protagonist present the onboard USB3 ports, which do not work correctly with the drivers available during system integration. Particular attention is put on the SSD during error hunting. Finally it turns out, however, that the SSD works correctly on all SATA ports. The whole film puts into question, whether the physicist's main goal really is to solve exiting technical problems or whether he is more like in a game looking for and/or creating situations presenting technical problems he is capable of solving. On a few occasions some scenes from the documentary "Schönlind" (Kurt Schneider / Richard Schubert, 1967 / 2011) can be seen, as a lot of editing was done with this film in 2011.







For the year 2014 there are some 3D retrospectives in preparation - Stay tuned for more information.


The subject "Blue Rope" has be chosen as the symbol for these series of retrospectives:









Inverview with Spanisch Painter


During my visit at the art fair Berliner Liste on Sept/19 I had the oportunity to take an interview with the Spanish Painter Laur Nieto, as shown on Facebook.






Some new videos have been uploaded to the Youtube Channel of Richard Schubert. 



Discussion about Art and Politics 


On Jan/24/2013 Richard Schubert organized a discussion about art and politics with Fr. Prof. Monika Grütters, head of commission for culture and media in Bundestag (German Parliament).

                                                                                                                                    Photo: Pablo Rojas




Shop in Potsdam

The 3D products are now also available at:
Gute 106 
Gutenbergstr. 106
14467 Potsdam
Di - Fr: 10:30 - 18:00 Uhr
Sa: 10:30 - 16:00 Uhr




TV-interview on "Art and Prison"


On February 10th 2012 Dr. Schubert was interviewed by Inga Khavkina at the opening of an exhibition of the German association "Art and Prison". This English language interview is planned to be included in a documentary for an international TV station. 


(click to play) 


(or download in full HD: 1920 x 1080; 4min 22s; 320 MB)





Interview on Korean TV


In May 2011 Dr. Schubert gave an interview to a team of the Korean TV (KBS) at his sales stand on the Art Market at Berlin Arsenal which was broadcasted in Korea in Summer 2011.


(click to play) 




"Street Sale as a Means of Market Research for Patented 3D-Art"


As a result of the ongoing work on the archives an abstract has been written, which is intended to serve as the basis for corresponding publications. 




Presentation in Paris


Part of my 3D mouse pads have been selected for presentation during "Dimension 3" in Paris from May 24th to May 26th (details: I will be in Paris on all 3 days (contact: +49 172/3235121).




Boss of Haribo Dr. Hans Riegel gets 3D-Gummibears as birthday present


On March 10th 2011 the boss of Haribo Dr. Hans Riegel got the 3D-picture "Gummibärchen" as birthday present from his employees as shown in two short TV reports ("Guten Abend RTL" und "WDR-Lokalzeit"):






Sale Hackesche Höfe


Since end of Feb. 2011 the 3D-Mousepads and 3D-Magnets of Berlin-3D-Art are also sold at:  Hackesche Höfe, Hof 3 & 5, Rosenthalerstr. 40/41, 10178 Berlin; open 11 am to 7 pm 



Short portrait now available in English and Spanish


The short portrait of Richard Schubert in "Letter" - the alumni magazine of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) issue 1 (April ) /2009 p. 42 is now also available in English and Spanish.




New Mousepads and 3D cards.


Now, the subjects "Matches" and "Raspberries" are also available as mousepads. There are also some new subjects available on cards 22 cm x 18 cm. 




Braving the elements


The following video clip taken on May/24/2010 shows how Berlin market vendors brave the elements.






new mini-subjects

Now, there are 5 new subject in the size extra small (xs) available.


Vending location in Berlin, Oranienburger Str. 18, on cover page


The main vending location in Berlin, Oranienburger Str. 18, Richard Schubert operated from 2003 to 2006, made its way onto the cover page of a book on street sale, where it is interpreted as a micro-privatization of public space. ("Informeller Straßenhandel in Berlin: Urbane Raumproduktion zwischen Störung und Attraktion" [Informal street vending in Berlin: Urban space production between perturbation and attraction], Noa K. Ha, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin, October 2009, 136 pages)




Matches 31 cm x 21 cm

Now, the subject "Matches" is also available in the size 31 cm x 21 cm.



Article on Richard Schubert in DAAD - Letter.


In the current issue of the alumni magazine of the German Academic Exchange Service (1/2009 p. 42) these is a short article on Richard Schubert (in German). Online: (2.8 MB; Errata: R. Schubert had a DAAD scholarship at the University of Grenoble and not at CERN.) 




New photos of sales stand


There are some new photos of the sales stand of Berlin-3D-Art available. 




"Stones" and "Burned matches" available in postcard size


Now, the subjects "Stones" and "Burned Matches" are also available in postcard size and can be acquired on the Art Market at the Arsenal in Berlin beginning from Jan/31/2009 during the regular sales hours (Sa, Su, 11 h to 17 h). The subject "Sea Shells", which has not been available in postcard size for some time, now again is available in this size.




Interview on regional radio


On Sat. Oct./25/2008 Dr. Schubert gave an interview on  the regional public radio station radioBerlin 88,8 (RBB): Interview.mp3 (3m 20s, in German). 




No sale of 3D-art on Oct. 18/19 2008


Due to the high sales figures of the last weekends, Dr. Schubert decided not to come to the market on Oct. 18/19 2008. He will be glad to see his customers again on Oct. 25 2008. The intention is to avoid to overstock the market with 3D-art. This measure is very similar to the regular decision of the OPEC-countries to cut oil production. It is also planed  not to come to the market in the future on some occasions after weekends with very high sales figures in order to take some pressure out of the market. It is, however, not planed to work with quota for the time being, a measure reserved for the case of a continuous increase of the sales figures in a medium term future. In any case, there will be offered enough 3D-art products during the next months, so that a shortage of Christmas presents should be excluded. 




3D-Art in Moscow in December 2008 


In December 2008 Dr. Schubert plans to present his 3D prints at the conference EVA 2008 (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts) in Moscow.




Mouse pad "Stones" available


From Saturday March/29/2008 the subject "Stones" will be available as mouse pad together with some other new subjects at the Art Market at the Arsenal. 




Feature article about 3D on Spiegel Online


On March/20/2008 a feature article about 3D appeared in the online version of the magazine Spiegel (in German). It also contains some information about the activities of Berlin-3D-Art.





3D-Art on TV



(click to play)


Dr. Schubert explains the principle of his patented 3D-art on German TV.




Art Market at Berlin Arsenal on TV


In November 2007 a TV crew of the regional pubic TV station RBB visited the Art Market at Berlin Arsenal. The interview with Dr. Schubert focussed on the question why he was wearing two caps atop each other.

So, don`t miss: RBB Heimatjournal: Saturday January/5th; 7pm




Art Market at Berlin Arsenal (Kunstmarkt am Zeughaus)


Since December 2006 Dr. Schubert also sells his 3D artistic products at the Art Market at Berlin Arsenal (Kunstmarkt am Zeughaus) located between Berlin Cathedral and the German Historic Museum. 



Some pictures of the talk Dr. Schubert gave on June/21/2006 on invitation of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).




First, Dr. Schubert gave a short overview of different vending locations he already used in different countries.




It followed a detailed analysis of the direct and indirect effect of the different languages in the street sale. 



Talk about Street Sale


On invitation of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Dr. Schubert will give a short talk about the sale of his 3D artistic images on the street. The focus will be on "The importance of the five working languages for the sales show on the street in different countries"



Street Sale in Paris / France


The pictures of  Berlin-3D-Art will be offered for sale on the streets of  Paris / France from July/18. to July/26 2006. 

(local contact: Hôtel du Commerce, 14 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, Paris, 75005, Ile de france, +33 (0)1 43 54 89 69). 




Back Home from Seville / Spain


On April/5 Dr. Schubert arrived back home in Berlin from the street sale in Seville. He wants to thank all his many customers for their confidence. 

Impressions of the street sale in Seville / Spain from March 28th to April 5th 2006




Street Sale in Seville / Spain


Dr. Schubert will sell his 3D artistic pictures on the streets of Seville / Spain from March 28th to April 5th 2006. (local contact: "Hotel Maestranza" c/Gamazo, 12, 41001 - Sevilla Teléfono: (+34) 954 561 070)




New Decree may Prevent Business Trip to Barcelona (Spain)


A new, very strict, decree (Ordenanza para la Convivencia) regulating among others prostitution and street sale has been voted in the city parliament of Barcelona (Spain) in December 2005. In order to avoid any possible trouble, Dr. Schubert is considering for this reason to go to Seville instead for selling his 3D artistic pictures in April 2006.   



New Picture Size on Sale


A few days ago 14 different 3D-prints at a size of 8,6 cm x 6 cm arrived from the printing shop. Besides well known subjects as "Gummibärchen" and "Licorice", there are also completely new ones, which never have been offered for sale  at any size before. Depending on the weather conditions, these prints are now on street sale in Berlin. (For exact time and location, please call: +49 172/3235121.)



Barcelona and Paris in Preparation


Due to the big success of the business trips to Madrid, Dublin and Munich this year, Dr. Schubert plans to go to Barcelona and/or Seville (Spain) and Paris (France) next year for selling his 3D pictures in the street. 




Back home from Bavaria


Back home from Bavaria, Dr. Schubert wants to thank all his customers in Coburg and Munich for their confidence and wishes them a lot of pleasure with the acquired artistic 3D products. 

Some pictures made during the street sale in Coburg and Munich in September 2005.




Down to Bavaria in September 2005


Depending on the weather conditions, Dr. Schubert will sell his 3D artistic products on the street in the cities of  Coburg (Sept/17+18/2005) and Munich (Sept/19to25). 




Back home from Dublin


On August/10/2005 Dr. Schubert arrived back home in Berlin from the street sale in Dublin. He wants to thank all his many customers for their confidence and wishes them a lot of pleasure with the acquired artistic 3D products. 

Some pictures made during the street sale in Dublin in August 2005




Street Sale in Dublin / Ireland


Dr. Schubert is proud to announce the next step of the ongoing expansion phase of his business, the final aim of which is a globally acting street vendor. Form August/02/2005 to August/09/2005 he will sell his 3D artistic pictures in the streets of Dublin (Ireland). (local contact: Castle Hotel Dublin, Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1, Ireland, Tel: +353-1-8746949)




Barcelona and Dublin as next candidates


Due to the great success of the street sale in Madrid, Dr. Schubert is considering to sell his 3D artistic pictures in the streets of other European cities soon. Among other considerations, language and currency (Euro) make Barcelona (Spain) and Dublin (Ireland) the most likely candidates as upcoming vending locations. 



Back home from Madrid


On April/19 Dr. Schubert arrived back home in Berlin from the street sale in Madrid. He wants to thank all his customers for their confidence. 

Some pictures made during the street sale in Madrid in April 2005




Egyptian Ambassador receives 3D mouse pad "Sea Shells"


(Beginning from left:  Dr. Rainer Glagow Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Berlin, Marco Oelschlegel directing board of Alumni of Hanns-Seidel-FoundatIon Berlin, His Excellency Mohamed Al-Orabi Ambassador of the Republic of Egypt in Berlin)


On Feb/21/2005, His Excellency Mohamed Al-Orabi Ambassador of the Republic of Egypt in Berlin, received the 3D mouse pad "Sea Shells" as present from a group of scholarship holders and alumni of the Bavarian Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, who had been invited to a political discussion in the Embassy. 



Street sale in Madrid / Spain


Dr. Schubert will offer his 3D artistic pictures for sale on the streets of  Madrid from Tuesday April/12 to Tuesday April/19 2005 (Please call for exact time and location + 49 172/3235121). People interested in buying 3D-puictures can also come during this week to the hall of the Hotel Asturias (Calle Sevilla, 2; Madrid 28014 tel: 91 429 6676; fax: 91 429 4036).




¡Hola, Buenos Días!


Due to the many customers from Spain and Latin America Dr. Schubert decided to study Spanish. Thus, he hopes he will soon be able to give his  customers in the streets of Berlin coming from Spain and Latin America some basic information on his 3D artistic pictures in Spanish language.




Recording of Music Video


On Sunday, Nov./14/2004 a music video has been made at the sales stand of Berlin-3D-Art. It was a great pleasure for Dr. Schubert to take part in the recording. Obviously, the leader of the camera team had understood immediately, that the the 3D-pictures of Berlin-3D-Art create an ideal setting for her video clip. As soon as this music video will be available, you will be informed in the news bulletin.




Exhibition stand during "Long Night of Museums"


Dr. Schubert will present his 3D pictures at an exhibition stand at the "Museum für Europäische Kulturen" in Berlin-Dahlem during the "Long Night of Museums" on Saturday Aug./28/2004.




Street Sale near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin 



Since some days the pictures of Berlin-3D-Art are also offered for sale in the Ebertstraße #2, ca. 100 m north of northern exit S-Bahn station "Potsdamer Platz", opposite to the hi-flyer balloon hovering 130 metres over Potsdamer Platz. 




 Street Sale in Munich


Some pictures made during the street sale in Munich in July 2004 can be found here.




Street Sale in Munich


Yesterday we received a picture from Munich showing a building site at the originally planned selling location the Feilitzschstraße in the district of Schwabing. So, please call the mobile number 0172/3235121 to get the latest information on exact location and timing of the street sale in Munich from Thursday July/22nd to Sunday July/25th.




Street Sale in Munich


It is planned to offer the pictures of Berlin-3D-Art for sale on the street in Munich from Thursday July/22nd to Sunday July/25th. During a prospecting trip in December last year different possible selling locations had already been spotted. The most promising being the wall of a former municipal power-house (Elektrizitätswerk) in the Feilitzschstraße in the district of Schwabing (150 m from the underground station "Münchner Freiheit" direction  "Englischer Garten"). All those interested in visiting the sales stand in Munich are invited to call the mobile number 0172/3235121 to get the latest information on exact location and timing. Dr. Richard Schubert is looking forward to welcome many visitors at his sales stand in Munch. On the weekends before and after  his trip to Munich he will be selling his 3D artistic products as usual in the Oranienburger Straße in Berlin.