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Boss of Haribo Dr. Hans Riegel gets 3D-Gummibears as birthday present


On March 10th 2011 the boss of Haribo Dr. Hans Riegel got the 3D-picture "Gummibärchen" as birthday present from his 

employees as shown in two short TV reports ("Guten Abend RTL" und "WDR-Lokalzeit"):




TV-interview on "Art and Prison"


On February 10th 2012 Dr. Schubert was interviewed by Inga Khavkina at the opening of an exhibition of the German association "Art and Prison". This English language interview is planned to be included in a documentary for an international TV station.





Interview on Korean TV


In May 2011 Dr. Schubert gave an interview to a team of the Korean TV (KBS) at his sales stand 

on the Art Market at Berlin Arsenal which was broadcasted in Korea in Summer 2011.


(click to play) 




Interview on German TV


R. Schubert explains the principle of his patented 3D-art on German TV (RBB) on January/5/2008.



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Radio Interview


On Sat. Oct./25/2008 Schubert gave an interview on the regional public radio station radioBerlin 88,8 (RBB): Interview.mp3 (or as flash)(3m 20s, in German).


Products on TV


On January/18 2003 the 3D artistic mouse pads and the 3D artistic cards of Berlin-3D-Art have been presented on German TV (WDR-Computerclub):



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Vending location in Berlin, Oranienburger Str. 18, on cover page



The main vending location in Berlin, Oranienburger Str. 18, Richard Schubert operated from 2003 to 2006, made its way onto the cover page of a book on street sale, where it is interpreted as a micro-privatization of public space. ("Informeller Straßenhandel in Berlin: Urbane Raumproduktion zwischen Störung und Attraktion" [Informal street vending in Berlin: Urban space production between perturbation and attraction], Noa K. Ha, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin, October 2009, 136 pages)



Talk on invitation of DAAD 

(German Academic Exchange Service)


On June/21/2006 R. Schubert gave a talk on invitation of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) on the sale of 3D-pictures in the street.






Article on Richard Schubert in DAAD - Letter


In the issue 1/2009 p. 42 of the alumni magazine of the German Academic Exchange Service 

these is a short article on Richard Schubert (in German). 

Online: (2.8 MB)

(Errata: R. Schubert had a DAAD scholarship at the University of Grenoble and not at CERN.) 

(German, English, Spanish)


In Moscow


In December 2008 Dr. Schubert presented his 3D prints at the conference 

EVA 2008 (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts) in Moscow. Title of the conference contribution:

An Example of the Interaction of Technology and Creativity   





Feature article about 3D on Spiegel Online


On March/20/2008 a feature article about 3D appeared in the online version of the magazine Spiegel (in German). It also contains some information about the activities of Berlin-3D-Art.




Egyptian Ambassador receives 3D mouse pad "Sea Shells"




On Feb/21/2005, His Excellency Mohamed Al-Orabi Ambassador of the Republic of Egypt in Berlin, received the 3D mouse pad "Sea Shells" as present from a group of scholarship holders and alumni of the Bavarian Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, who had been invited to a political discussion in the Embassy. 




Sep/23 to 26/2004 Participation at  FOTOBILD 2004 

Some impressions of Fotobild 2004



April/07/2003: c't magazine for computer technology: 


The 3D artistic mouse pads and the 3D artistic cards of Berlin-3D-Art have been presented in issue c't 8/2003 p. 32:







Accompanying Exhibition to the conference "Electronic imaging & the visual arts" EVA 2002:




Contemporary Photography Fair: FOTO BILD BERLIN:  


Sept/15/01 Long Night of Sciences: 

Nov/15/01 Exhibition  EVA 2001

Präsentationsstand bei Langer Nacht der Wissenschaften

Präsentationssstand bei Ausstellung EVA2001

Earlier articles in print media*:

- 3D-Wackelbilder zum Selbermachen, PixelGuide, 01/01 S. 34 - 20.3.2001 (in German)

- Animation im Handumdrehen,  PAGE 02/01 S. 50 - 10.1.2001 (in German)

- "Studio Multimédia" No. 20 / Fév. 2000 p. 38 (France, in French)

Earlier TV presentation:

- WDR-Computerclub 14.10.00 (in German)


* The own publications of Dr. Schubert are listed in his CV.

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